Queen proclaimed

Queen proclaimed

God bless the Royal Queen Elizabeth the Second with long and happy years to reign over us this 11th day of February, 1952.

In Cambridge New Zealand several hundred people gathered at the Town Hall steps where the Mayor K L Wilkinson read the Proclamation of Queen Elizabeth II taking on the job of Queen.

Some school pupils, Boy Scouts and Girl Guides paraded in front of the steps. Other students were instructed by the Auckland Education Board to stay at school and listen to the radio broadcast from Wellington.

It was the first time since the King’s death that flags were flown at full mast. And following the proclamation the Municipal Band struck up the National Anthem and for the first time the populace sang ‘God Save The Queen’.

There was not a large attendance at the Town Hall in Leamington where the Town Clerk R S Entwistle read the proclamation. And although the small band sang the National Anthem quietly, they cheered three times for the Queen with great gusto.