Kumera Pits

We are standing on the remains of Kumera Pits on the banks of the Waikato River in New Zealand. (S15/ 96 New Zealand Archaeological Association.)

There is a depression (a partially filled in ditch) running from the river into a steep gully with a stream at the bottom.  Within the site are signs of ‘sweet potato’ kumera pits and east of our position are more features relating to the pa site.

Further west along the river bank, on Addison Street, was the pa site and although it was registered with the New Zealand Archaeological Association (S15/94) it has been bulldozed and built upon.

The lookout pa (S15/94) is to the southeast of these pits.

Access to the lookout pa is up a steep, mucky farm track and during the school holidays I took two of my grandchildren up to this  site.

Acacia trees have now been planted on both sides of this pa site’s defensive ditch.